Our History


W. Ward Mathie was born August 10th, 1899. He was raised on a dairy farm in North Canton, Ohio. In 1918, at the young age of 18, Ward bought a team of horses and a dump wagon to haul and deliver sand and gravel that he separated, loaded and unloaded by hand. W. W. Mathie Sand and Gravel was the beginning of a successful business that would provide a way of life for generations to come.

  • Founder W. Ward Mathie

  • W. Ward Mathie leaning against his work truck.


In the 1920’s, W. Ward Mathie was a young, hard working entrepreneur with a new family and small, yet promising business in W. W Mathie Sand and Gravel. Ward also owned and operated the school buses for the North Canton Schools. This business was called W. W Mathie School Bus Service, which would then be traded in 1948 for one-third ownership in Quality Supply Co. to Mr. Ralph Mortimer.

The Quality Supply Co. was located west of the B & O tracks on Portage. Coal, feed, grain, seeds, ice, building materials and Allis Chalmers farm equipment were among some of the items that were sold. In 1950, Ward sold his shares of the Quality Supply Co. and established Mathie Coal and Supply in the former North Canton Supply building located directly east of the B & O tracks on Portage.

This location was ideal because the B & O Railroad delivered coal, brick, cement and other goods weekly by train. In the late 1950’s, Mathie Coal and Supply and Quality Supply simply traded buildings, relocating the store to the west of the B & O tracks on Portage, where it stands today.

  • Mathie Coal & Supply worker delivering a load
    of Concrete Block to a customer.

  • Mathie Coal & Supply located next to
    “The North Canton Supply Co.


Throughout the 1950’s, Ward’s three sons joined the company, each one graduating from college. Robert J. Mathie (Bob) joined in 1951. David H. Mathie (Bud) joined the company in 1953. William W. Mathie (Bill) joined in 1959 after working as a Civil Engineer for the state of Ohio, (O.D.O.T.).

In 1960, Mathie Coal and Supply was incorporated. Soon after this time, the demand for coal declined as natural gas became the major resource to heat homes. The company began to focus more on builder’s supplies, such as brick and block, cement and other various materials. This led the family to rename the company Mathie Supply, Inc.

As the community around Mathie Supply, Inc. grew, so did the family business. In 1988, Ward’s grandson David C. Mathie joined the company. Dave is the son of David H. Mathie, and represents the third generation of this family owned business.

Through the years, family members have worked in the company alongside our hardworking and dedicated employees. Dave’s son Zach joined the company in 2014, and now represents the fourth generation of the family business. Zach works alongside his father, helping to continue a 105 year old family tradition.

Mathie Supply Inc. continues to invest in the quality of our products and services to ensure the future of our employees and provide our customers with the materials and tools needed to be successful. We are grateful for our customers’ loyalty and look forward to continuing to serve our community for many years to come. Thank you for being a part of our history!

  • Robert J. Mathie (Pictured on left) with his brothers David H. Mathie (Middle) and William W. Mathie (Right) in front of their company truck.

  • David C. Mathie (Pictured on Right) working alongside his father David H. Mathie (Left).